About Us

Nowadays, the music and entertainment business is constantly changing. We believe that it is time that artists can help this change happen. We’d like to be the liaison between you, bands and people who appreciate music as much as we do. Help us create a new music community in your hometown by supporting emerging bands you have discovered. We’d like you to make change!

Major record labels have folded while social media and iTunes tend to have increased awareness within the music industry. So, music has shifted into a different era; Social media such as Facebook and Twitter help bands flourish and gain recognition on an everyday basis. Moreover, music and music devices are part of every contemporary household. But, even though new music songs are being introduced every day, not many local bands can make it through the music industry. It is time to increase the popularity of local bands while using exceptional communicational and planning skills.

G-Live is an one-stop music boutique that offers management, publicity, A&R consulting, promotions, booking, label shopping, licensing. In addition, the company offers some additional artist services to bands, artists, songwriters, producers, engineers, venues and other music executives.

In G-Live we love music! We believe that  live performaces is the only way for people to interact with their favorite artists. On the other hand, artists have the opportunity to perform and feel their fans’ energy and support. We are booking international and national artists/bands in order to produce shows that everyone can be a part of.

Our Mission

G-Live is devoted to bringing high quality events into the foreground while connecting people through memorable Live experiences.

Our Goals

  • To Pump the performance vibe
  • To Create unique events for priceless memories

Power Productions

G-Live productions undertake the design, management & production of unique conceptual events. With numerous past projects to reveal, G-Live productions guarantee innovation and success,. So that you can refer to G-Live productions about:

  • Event Advisory
  • A to Z technical & design support
  • Performance bookings
  • Conceptual ideas
  • Event planning & execution
  • A to Z artists management

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